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NOREXECO is a regulated marketplace (exchange) for pulp & paper futures contracts. The exchange is licensed by the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, under supervision by the Norwegian FSA.

NOREXECO  has since October 2018 offered electronic trading based on the KB Tech Portal system. Several third party systems connects to this trading system.

In cooperation with European Commodity Clearing (ECC), KB Tech Ltd, trade repository Regis-TR of Luxembourg and market leading indices provider Fastmarkets FOEX/RISI, NOREXECO offers a complete structure for trading derivatives on an exchange, perfectly in line with the new regulatory regime sought worldwide. Trading futures on NOREXECO does not fall under the swap rules of the US “Dodd-Frank Act” or the OTC part of the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

Benchmark Administration

NOREXECO ASA was approved as a Benchmark Administrator (EU 2016/1011 Benchmark Regulation) by the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority on 30 March 2021.

NOREXECO is Benchmark Administrator for one benchmark: NOREXECO Shanghai Final Index.

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NOREXCO was established in 2012 and obtained a license as a regulated marketplace in September 2014. The marketplace commenced operation on the 15. of September 2015.

As a prime producer and exporter of high quality fibre products the Nordics is an ideal location for an exchange for forestry and paper products. This combined with the region’s regulatory environment and its reputation for transparency makes it the right home for NOREXECO. NOREXECO is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway. Our physical location is in Kongsvinger, near Oslo.

NOREXECO – the pulp & paper exchange – is built on the idea that efficient utilization of products from the forestry value chain benefits both the environment and the economy. The exchange facilitates complete price transparency through its partnership with European Commodity Clearing AG leading to mitigation of counterparty risk for all NOREXECO members.

NOREXECO will achieve its mission through close cooperation with market leading strategic partners and a highly competent staff. The strategic mission will be reached through the company’s core values: