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17 September 2020, Kongsvinger, Norway. NOREXECO ASA and SHFE have signed an Agreement to cooperate in making a Shanghai based financial pulp future available for the international market.   

NOREXECO  is excited to  announce that our new futures contract settled against the SHFE domestic contract will be available for trading on the 21th of September 2020. The NOREXECO contract will be financially settled and mirror the SHFE contract,  converted from RMB to USD and deducted Chinese VAT. The new contracts increase the opportunity for the global pulp and paper industry to manage price risk exposure to the Asian pulp market.  The contract is also available for Asian market participants seeking to  reduce risks and/or exploit opportunities.

NOREXECO would like to thank Shanghai Futures Exchange for the cooperation, C&D Xiamen, Ekman Group,  APP and Koch Industries  for their support. Please find the ceremony video and press release attached.

For more information, please contact Anita Skjong, e-mail:

Click here for press release