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11 September 2020, Kongsvinger, Norway. The NOREXECO Exchange (NXE) will launch a new recycled paper futures contract on October 6, providing the industry with a tool which enables them to mitigate price risk thus increasing predictability of raw material prices.

This futures contract is tailor made for waste management companies, paper mills, traders and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods companies, the largest consumers of packaging globally.

The contract is tradable for all NOREXECO members, either directly through the trading system, or by calling the NOREXECO Market Service Desk. NOREXECO market access can also be obtained through banks and broker companies.

All NOREXECO products are listed as months, quarters or years, with a total duration of 36 months forward in time. This enables market participants to optimize company specific tender- risk or locking in a margin, which is in high demand these days.

The launch of this contract is a milestone, as it is the first time a futures contract is offered on recycled paper. The market will daily set closing prices and make visible a transparent forward curve available for alle market participants. We hope this  will contribute to better risk management opportunities for all market participants.