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The NOREXECO Exchange is proud to announce the publication of price information starting from Monday May 15th 2017. The daily closing prices will be published on our webpage at 11:00 CET on the next business day (T+1).

The new Market-data page on the NOREXECO web site contains the forward curves for BHKP and NBSK in graphical form. Also you will find the historical monthly NOREXECO Final Settlement Indices. To access the new Market-data page please click:

NOREXECO also offer access to historical and live data, market news, graphs and analysis tools. This is a subscription based service, please subscribe to access to the full NOREXECO Information Service here:

About NOREXECO Information Service (NIS)

Data leads to insight, and insight leads to opportunity. NOREXECO offers full information service supporting the subscriber in making informed decisions. With NIS your company gets real-time prices and historical data on all NOREXECO products as well as energy prices and currency rates. The service is readily available using computer or smartphone.